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"Dedicated to transforming lives, Gareebi Unmulan And Welfare Society strives for a better world. Through education, healthcare, and empowerment initiatives, we inspire change and foster hope in communities."

We Change Your Life & World

Inspiring Change, Transforming Lives

Emergency relief to ongoing aid for those affected by storms.

Welcome to Gareebi Unmulan And Welfare Society, where passion meets purpose. We are a dedicated team of individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need. Established in, our NGO has been actively involved in various community-driven initiatives aimed at creating positive social change.

We Change Your Life & World

Ongoing Projects

Children are educated

Children are healthy and well-nourished

Children are made aware of their basic rights

Children participate in their own development

Children are valued, cared for and feel loved in the community

We Change Your Life & World


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Health Education

"Empowering communities through health education, Gareebi Unmulan And Welfare Society offers vital services. We provide knowledge, resources, and support for healthier lives and brighter futures."

Child Labour

"Determined to end child labor, Gareebi Unmulan And Welfare Society offers safe shelters and education. We rescue, rehabilitate, and empower children, ensuring a future free from exploitation.

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Women Empowerment

"Helping women thrive with education, skills, and support, Gareebi Unmulan And Welfare Society nurtures independence. We open doors, boost confidence, and champion gender equality for a better future."

Environment Protection

"Dedicated to protecting our environment, Gareebi Unmulan And Welfare Society provides essential services. We plant trees and promote sustainable practices, ensuring a cleaner, healthier planet for all."

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