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Welcome to Gareebi Unmulan And Welfare Society, where passion meets purpose. We are a dedicated team of individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need. Established in, our NGO has been actively involved in various community-driven initiatives aimed at creating positive social change.

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“Joining this NGO was transformative. Their unwavering commitment to change, paired with community engagement, creates a meaningful impact. Proud to be a part of this incredible journey.”


"This NGO's health education initiatives are transformative. Educating communities about health not only prevents diseases but also nurtures a culture of well-being and vitality."


"Witnessing the rescue and rehabilitation work for child laborers is awe-inspiring. This NGO offers these children not just freedom but a chance at a brighter, unburdened future."


"The women empowerment programs here are phenomenal. From skill training to leadership workshops, they empower women, shaping leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers for a more equal society."


"Preserving nature is vital, and this NGO's efforts are remarkable. Their tree planting drives and awareness campaigns inspire communities to actively participate in environmental conservation."


"Engaging with this NGO's environment protection initiatives is eye-opening. Together, we're building a greener world. It's a collective effort, and every action counts towards a sustainable future."


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